Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Look with designer eyes.

People often ask me ,"How can I change up my house so I don't get so tired of it or bored with it?" My answer is to look with designer eyes. We all get comfortable with our surroundings and home and don't really sit and look at what is around us. I was doing this in my own home last week and decided it was time to make some changes.

The place to start is to pick one room only. Maybe it's the entry or the living room or kitchen but just pick one. Then when you have 15 extra minutes, sit in your room of choice and just look with designer eyes. Look all around the room. Low and high. The second thing is to ask yourself "what is the first thing you notice?" Then ask yourself if this is a good thing or bad thing. In other words, is what you are noticing what you want to notice first. Let's say you chose the living room and the living room is lovely but the cat has thrown up in the middle of the carpet and the first thing you notice is the cat mess rather than the lovely furnishings. Maybe your sofa is lovely but there is cat hair all over it that takes away from the lovely sofa. When you start really looking through designer eyes , you start to see your space more objectively and more like a guest does when they come into your home.

The third question you should ask yourself is, "Is there anything in this space that does not belong?" If there is something that does not belong for one reason or another, you need to take it out of that room and find a new home for it or retire it. Maybe you hung a picture on the wall when you first moved in and you put it there because there was an existing hook in the wall from the previous owners. Well, it is about time you put the picture where you really would enjoy it instead. Take out what does not belong and put in what you enjoy.

The fourth question is, "Does the room work well for you?" If conversation is awkard or the room is not well balanced it will not work well for you. Ask yourself, " Is there a way to rearrange the room so it will work better for me or be more enjoyable for me?"

The fifth and final question to ask yourself, "How can I put some seasonal accents into this room to make it feel like spring?" It will bring some life to the room and you will feel like spring has arrived at your house, which is always a good feeling. Try these suggestions and if you have any additional questions or problems ,just email me or call and set up a time to get together and we'll play house. Don't forget to put on those designer eyes. Enjoy! Pamela